Resume - John Tanton and Mary Lou Tanton

Resume of John H. Tanton, M.D.

Petoskey, MI 49770
Office: 231-347-1171
FAX: 231-347-1185

John Tanton's Education

B.S., Michigan State University, 1956, Chemistry
[John Tanton received the second highest Freshman Chemistry grade among 850 students and was one of the top three students to be awarded the book, "The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics". Article.]
M.D., University of Michigan, 1960
M.S., University of Michigan, 1964, Ophthalmology
Diplomate, American Board of Ophthalmology, 1965

John Tanton's Employment

Ophthalmologist, Burns Clinic Medical Center, Petoskey, Michigan, 1964 to 1998
Consultant, Federation for American Immigration Reform, Washington, DC, September 1, 1981 through June 30, 1982 (leave of absence from medical practice)

John Tanton's Organizational Affiliations

Michigan Natural Areas Council, Secretary, 1962-1963
Bear River Development Commission, City of Petoskey, Organizer and Chairman, 1965-1972
Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood Association, Organizer and President, 1965-1971
Great Lakes Public Affairs Committee of Planned Parenthood, Chairman, 1970-1971
Petoskey Regional Audubon Society, Co-organizer and President, 1967 and 1969
Hartwick Pines Natural History Association, Organizer and President, 1969-1972
Sierra Club, Petoskey Regional Group, Organizer and Chairman, 1970-1972
Sierra Club, Mackinac Chapter Population Committee, Organizer and Chairman, 1969-1971
Sierra Club, National Long-range Planning Committee, Member, 1970-1973
League of Conservation Voters, 11th Congressional District, Organizer, 1970-1974
Governor's Advisory Council on Natural Areas, Member, 1971-1972 (appointed by Governor W. Milliken)
Wilderness and Natural Areas Advisory Board, Department of Natural Resources, Member, 1972-1975 (gubernatorial appointment)
Plaintiff, Tanton vs. DNR, an environmental lawsuit, 1971-1972
Little Traverse Group, Co-organizer and Executive Committee Member, 1972-1988, President, 1979-1981
Little Traverse Conservancy, Co-organizer and Board Member, 1972-1988, President, 1979-1981
Zero Population Growth, member, National Executive Committee, 1973-1978
Zero Population Growth, Chairman, Immigration Study Committee, 1973-1975
Zero Population Growth, National President, 1975-1977
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Advisory Commission, 1978-1980, Chairman,1980 (appointment by Interior Secretary Cecil Andrus)
Federation for American Immigration Reform, Organizer and Chairman, 1979-1987, Board, 1979-present
Population/Environment Balance (formerly The Environmental Fund), Board Member, 1980-1990
U.S., Inc., Founder and Chairman, 1982-present
U.S.ENGLISH, Co-founder and Chairman, 1982-1988
American Academy of Ophthalmologists, Low Vision Rehabilitation Committee, Member, 1988-1994, Chairman, 1989-1993
American Alliance for Rights and Responsibilities, Co-founder, 1989
The Emergency Committee on Puerto Rican Statehood and the Status of English in the United States, Co-organizer, 1990
E Pluribus Unum, Co-organizer, 1992
The Social Contract, a quarterly journal, Founder and Publisher, 1990-present; Editor 1990-1998
ProEnglish, Co-organizer, 1993-present


Resume of Mary Lou Tanton

Petoskey, MI 49770
Phone: 231-347-4511
FAX: 231-347-4511

Mary Lou Tanton's Education

B.A. Michigan State University, 1957, Elementary Education; Fine Arts
M.A. Michigan State University, 1964, Special Education - Orthopedically Handicapped
Social Work Certification - State of Michigan - 1974

Mary Lou Tanton's Employment

Elementary Teacher - Battle Creek and Ann Arbor, Michigan and Denver, Colorado, 1957-1961
Federation for American Immigration Reform, 1981-1982
Low Vision Consultant, Burns Clinic Medical Center, Petoskey, Michigan, 1984-1997

Mary Lou Tanton's Organizational Affiliations

Washtenaw County League for Planned Parenthood, Board Member, 1961-1964
Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood, Co-founder, 1965; President, 1975-1978
Maternity Ward Educational Program Organizer, Little Traverse Hospital, 1970
Sexuality Education Consultant and Curriculum Development Advisor, Petoskey High and Middle Schools, 1976-1979
Michigan Planned Parenthood Council - Public Affairs and Legislative Chairman, 1976-1979
Michigan Women for Medical Control of Abortion, Co-Founder 1968; President, l968-1972
Michigan Council for Study of Abortion, Board Member, 1968-1972
Emmet Count Planning Commission, 1972-1992; Secretary 1972-1983; Vice Chairman, 1990-1992
Michigan Society of Planning Officials, Member, 1972-present
Northwest Regional Committee on Land Use - Wetlands Committee Chairman, 1979-1983
Emmet County Signs and Lighting Committee, Chairperson, 1989-present
Michigan United Conservation Clubs Billboard Control Task Force, Board Member, 1989-1994
Scenic Michigan, Co-Founder 1994; President, 1994-1998
U.S., Inc., Vice-Chairman, 1982-present
Northwest Michigan Roundtable on Tourism and Natural Resource Stewardship, Member, 1994-1996
U.S. Immigration Reform Public Action Committee, Co-founder 1996; President, 1996-present
Partnerships in Land Use Stewardship, Local Advisory Committee member, l998
Outdoor Lighting Forum of Emmet and Charlevoix Counties, Co-Founder, 2001; Chairman, 2001-present
Bear Creek Township Signs and Lighting Committee, Chairman, 2000-present
Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, Outstanding Citizen Planner Award, 2000
Northeast Michigan Council of Governments I-75 Scenic Corridor Study Committee, 2001-2002

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