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John Tanton, MD, receives supportive letters from time to time, that help generate the resolve to keep plugging away. Below are excerpts from some of these letters sent to John Tanton. Following that is a collection of some of the actual letters received by Dr. Tanton.

I also know you well enough to state that the ugly charges leveled against you are utter nonsense. There are few people of such fundamental decency, conviction, and diligence working for the common weal as you, and none I know who is doing so without reaching for personal prestige or political power.
From my years of working with Dr. Tanton I can unhesitatingly state that he is neither a white supremacist nor a dogmatic nativist. He is a patriot, which is hardly an outrage. As a Holocaust survivor who is keenly attuned to the nuances of racism and antisemitism, I attest that I have never heard any hate speech from him.
This will introduce John H. Tanton, M.D., as an extraordinarily intelligent and dedicated citizen, who has devoted much of his life to the study of immigration policy and the promotion of immigration reform.
I have also heard many good reports concerning your efforts on behalf of family planning and other social problems in the area. So I congratulate you on your decision to live on behalf of planet earth, and for the sake of a new humanity.
In time, I hope you come to feel, as well as think, that the way you were attacked in and by the press is just another proof of the low level to which public debate over major policy questions has sunk. I have no doubt that you will be vindicated... I admire your willingness to take problems seriously. To my way of thinking, that is one measure of a civilized man. If others hold you up to ridicule for taking problems seriously, that in no way diminishes you.
- Robert Kinsey, Public Interest Management Group
Our country is lucky to have you speak up in a forceful way to alert us to the basic dangers to our country that are becoming more crucial with each passing year.
I just wanted to write to let you know how angry I am at the vicious way racial politics is played by our enemies - pure racists themselves of course.
Congratulations on the wonderful news that you have been selected to receive a Chevron Award in the Citizen Volunteer Category. I can think of no one more deserving of this prestigious honor than yourself recognizing the many hours you have so generously contributed to advancing conservation and environmental interests in America.
- Patrick F. Noonan, The Conservation Fund
For the Tantons, I have "great" respect for your dedicated involvement and concerns for planning Emmet County's future. Your wisdom, energy, and guidance have been there since I came to Emmet County and I looked to you both as outstanding role models.
I can assure you that I too have seen firsthand the ability the press has to make or break a person, event or cause.
Unfortunately, the American press seizes upon any opportunity to translate vicious attacks by irresponsible people on great Americans as "news".
... every time I have met with you, I have always been struck by both your activism in your community and your ability to recount stories about it.
- Peters Wilson, Zero Population Growth
Your work, along with Mary Lou, places you in the rarefied company of exceptional human beings... who stand up, speak out and change the course of human history for the betterment of humanity and all life on this planet.

Complimentary letters about John Tanton

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AARR AARR Norbert Bikales Norbert Bikales Bikales Gerda Bikales Peter Brimelow Peter Brimelow William Catton, Jr., Institute on Energy and Man William Catton, Jr., Institute on Energy and Man Robert Currier Robert Currier, D.O. Gertrude Gibbons Gertrude Gibbons Wallace and Elizabeth Grassman Wallace and Elizabeth Grassman Garrett Hardin Garrett Hardin Senator Hayakawa, United States Senate Senator Hayakawa, United States Senate Philip Howe Philip Howe Robert Kinsey, Public Interest Management Group Robert Kinsey, Public Interest Management Group Judy and Keehn Landis Judy and Keehn Landis Don Marshall, M.D. Don Marshall, M.D. KC McAlpin KC McAlpin Patrick F. Noonan, The Conservation Fund Patrick F. Noonan, The Conservation Fund Stepmen Oldstrom Stepmen Oldstrom Bob Park Bob Park Max & Mary Putters Max & Mary Putters Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Leo Sorenson Leo Sorenson Kathy Kathy Harry Volk Harry Volk Peters Wilson, Zero Population Growth Peters Wilson, Zero Population Growth Frosty Wooldridge Frosty Wooldridge
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