Chevron Conservation Award letter from David Irish honoring Dr. John H. Tanton

Chevron Conservation Award

Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740

November 28, 1969

Chevron Conservation Award
P.0. Box 7753
San Francisco, CA. 94120-7753

Re: John H. Tanton


I write to support the nomination of john Tanton fur the Chevron Conservation Award.

I have worked with John in several projects over many years and would like to comment on the leadership he has provided to his co-workers on those projects.

The pattern has been for John to come up with an idea of a project that would protect or preserve or better our environment and lives, to pick from among his many acquaintances several individuals who have an interest in that area, and then to educate those individuals in the subject. Discussions with John are always substantive, and lead to the logical point where someone in the group says,"Why don't we do this", or "Form the organization", or "Bring the Suit". John brings us along with knowledge and ideas until we can take the appropriate action.

John then will have the information an how to proceed, will work the hardest to get started, and will then gradually withdraw as others come up to speed. He always seems to have another project in mind, and as he withdraws some of his time commitment to those projects that are well underway, he watches progress, and comes back with ideas and help as needed. The attention, interest and stewardship have been unending on his part. We have seen others get a project started and then lose interest, but I believe John applies a perspective longer than his lifetime to his work.

John is a leader who is always ready to step aside and let others lead, but never turns his back on a project he inspired. He is thus vastly effective in leveraging his own efforts with those of others who volunteer to help.


David H. Irish

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