Chevron Conservation Award letter from Thomas L. Washington, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, honoring Dr. John H. Tanton

Chevron Conservation Award

MICHIGAN UNITED CONSERVATION CLUBS 2101 Wood St., P.O. Box 30235, Lansing, MI 48909

November 30, 1989

Chevron Conservation Committee

Dear Committee Members:

I am pleased to support the nomination of Dr. John Tanton, of Petoskey, Michigan, for a Chevron Conservation Award.

The Michigan United Conservation Clubs has had a long and beneficial relationship with Dr. Tanton. He has often sponsored our membership campaigns in the northwestern part of lower Michigan, and has on different occasions appeared before various meetings of ours to give us the benefit of his wide knowledge on conservation and environmental matters. It would be difficult to find someone who has a broader and more varied interest in natural resource conservation issues than Dr. Tanton.

In addition to holding leadership roles on the Michigan Natural Areas Council, the Bear River Development Commission, the Regional Audubon Society and Sierra Club, Dr. Tanton has helped finance and develop several new conservation groups including Raptor Research for the study and protection of birds of prey native to the Great Lakes region; Recycle North (a local citizens' recycling program), Pro-Wild (whose focus is the preservation of endangered wildlife in east Africa and in the drylands of the U.S. through pioneering ranching techniques), and The Growth and Development Forum for the study and debate of local growth issues. Dr. Tanton is additionally well-known for his active involvement in Zero Population Growth an organization of which he was president from 1975-1977. We all recognize that the greatest pressure our resources face is from ever-increasing world population growth.

John Tanton has spent his entire adult life serving his fellow man. As a medical professional and as a lay conservationist, he is imminently qualified and deserving of a Chevron Conservation Award, and we urge your favorable consideration of him for this high honor.

Very truly yours,

Thomas L. Washington
Executive Director

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